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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

By these actions were the Jat agitators reaffirming their faith in the Indian constitution ?

Someone has just put up on twitter, a purported list of 29 slogans raised by JNU students. you can see it here.

If true, some of those slogans should not have been used. But these are slogans only - not violent action. Similar slogans are raised in kashmir many times a year. Should sedition charges be applied in Kashmir or should the people there be talked to ?

Whereas the Jat agitators (and countless other agitators throughout our land, at other points of time) have caused a large no. of deaths by their actions, denied the poor their daily wage for days, put ordinary people through great difficulty by blocking roads, and caused enormous damage to public and private property.

By these actions were the Jat agitators reaffirming their faith in the Indian constitution ? Instead their actions remind me of those of the Muslim league in Pre-Independence India which engineered violence across large swathes to force the hand of the British and the Congress to create Pakistan. So it is the violent Jat agitaor who is following the footsteps of those who divided India. But BJP has no qualms about appeasing them... after spending decades whipping passions against appeasement !

Violence by Jat Agitators is rewarded in Modi's India

The votes of students, the labour and farmers dont seem to matter in india the way a caste's votes matter...

The BJP govt. is scuttling to find a reservation formula for agitators who have severely damaged North India's economy and have caused untold miseries to millions.. You can read about it here and here...

I have not noticed that perpetrators of so much violence are being hounded by police - but JNU students are - merely for questioning if a trial was fairly conducted !

This is a good trailer for Shining India that Modi and his hordes are building.. doesnt look like there is respectable space for most Indians in the shining india of modi's dreams...