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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Environmental Activism by Young People - like Save Aravalli Trust

We were invited to participate with this :

25 of us cleaned a portion of sec 7 housing board colony park one morning 7.30-9 am. It was good fun. People from seven different residential areas participated in cleaning the park.

Two bags of plastics, rubber were taken out including many gutka packets. we bought the bags back to be put into garbage clearance.
Vineet of Save Aravalli Trust had organized this gathering. He is the one in a red T-shirt talking to people at the end of the clean up.

Save Aravalli Trust was started in Faridabad by the children of villagers who had monopolized rock mining for decades there. A portion of the Aravallis were thus destroyed and only after severe supreme court injunctions was the mining stopped. These educated young men want to give back to society what their parents took from it.

A chapter of the Save Aravalli Trust has been started in Bhiwadi and Vineet leads it. They all contribute their own time, money and hard work to environmental work, besides holding down full time jobs.

Sanjayji of Sec 7 Housing Colony cleaned up a large portion of the park by himself..

Mothers came with children to clean up..

Elders helped too.

As some housing board colony residents came to watch, we told them their trash, tipped over the wall into the park was likely a breeding ground for mosquitoes causing chikangunia, dengue and malaria..

The whole family, planting a bougainvillea cutting. There is a good boundary wall, but no vines covering it.

People keep jumping over the wall then, destroying it in the process. Vines play a big role in preventing such jumping over boundaries. They keep the environment cool, their woody parts store carbon di oxide, and best of all - birds find homes in them and you can enjoy bird sound.

We also planted some 20 four feet high trees and some 20 cuttings of pink bougainvillea dipped in rooting hormone.