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Thursday, May 02, 2019

17 crores without safe water..

A woman collecting the UN-recommended amount of 50 litres per person for her family of four from a water source 30 minutes away would spend two and a half months a year on this task.

17 crore people in India do not have access to clean water close to home (defined as more than 30 min of round trip to fetch water). This is the largest population of any country in the world without nearby access to safe water.

The country after India with most number of people without access to safe water is Ethiopia, with 6 crore people in this category.  But China has 6 crore people too without access of clean water close to home, and Pakistan, 2 crores. All the rest of the countries in the top ten list are from Africa, apart from Indonesia.

Although both China and India provided access to clean water to humongous numbers of their people since the year 2000 : 33 crores in China, and 30 crores in India. Even Pakistan and Bangladesh provided access to large numbers of people with clean water near their homes, since the year 2000 : 4 and 3 crores respectively. 

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