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Tuesday, July 02, 2019

The train-wreck journey from 2 C to 4 C average rise in global temperature

At 2Cthe ice sheets will begin their collapse, bringing, over centuries, 50 metres of sea-level rise. 

An additional 400 million people will suffer from water scarcity, major cities in the equatorial band of the planet will become unlivable, and even in the northern latitudes heatwaves will kill thousands each summer. 

There would be 32 times as many extreme heatwaves in India, and each would last five times as long, exposing 93 times more people. This is our best-case scenario. 

At 3C, southern Europe would be in permanent drought, and the average drought in Central America would last 19 months longer. 

In northern Africa, the figure is 60 months longer: five years. 

At 4C, there would be 8m more cases of dengue fever each year in Latin America alone and close to annual global food crises. 

Damages from river flooding would grow thirty-fold in Bangladesh, twenty-fold in India, and as much as sixty-fold in the UK. 

Globally, damages from climate-driven natural disasters could pass $600tn – more than twice the wealth that exists in the world today. Conflict and warfare could double.

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